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Earthquake In Nepal: Confusion on Students Future

Anju Chaudhary,  Gaky's Light Fellow 

On April 25, 2015, Nepal faced heavy Earthquake of 7.6 rector scale around 11:56 AM. Earthquake's epicenter was in Gorkha district and damaged most of the infrastructure and lives of central Nepal.  In that meantime we are studying in our workshop of Gaky's  Light Fellowship which is located in Newroad, Pokhara. The situation was very terrible and made us hopeless. All peoples are crying and coming outside from their homes in search of free space to escape from their own buildings.

This earthquake destroyed infrastructure in capital Kathmandu and others 19 districts and their villages.  Facts and figures about death, injuries, house destroyed, people missing etc. coming and updating day by day by different media.  But hidden side of education sectors damaged by this earthquake is not reported which is really terrible for all.

Gaky’s Fellows: Committed to change their life
January 5, 2013 (Alternatives Office, Pokhara). "Today, I can say, I'm one of the fortunate student, regularly engaged on wonderful activities of Gaky's Light Fellowship Program, which is providing me different insights of entrepreneurship development." Kiran Bastola, 17, one of the Gaky's Light Fellow said after today's session. He added, "Within a few years, I can develop my own business".  Kiran, who is from poor and illiterate family (both of his parents are partially disabled) and of remote village of Kaski District, Nepal, is out of 12 students selected as Gaky's Light Fellow on 2012 batch. His confidence while saying above words are really memorable, which shows how much GL Fellows are committed to change their own life.
Prospects of Youth Micro Finance in Nepal

Santosh Koirala, Program Associate, Alternatives Nepal

Youth form an important and distinguished social sector because of their strength and vitality, and they are a power that cannot be ignored since they are a pillar of the future. According to the U.N report approximately one billion youth live in the world today. This means that approximately one person in five is between the age of 15 and 24 years, or 18% of the world’s populations are "youth”. The majority (almost 85%) of the world’s youth live in developing countries, with approximately 60 percent in Asia alone.

Decreasing Expectation on youth
This week there was news in the national newspaper on youth. When I heard it I was shocked. It is because about 42,000 youth people went to abroad for employment in last two month. The data shows that foreign employment in youth of Nepal is increasing every year. The political instability and the dirty game played by politician are the major cause that decreasing youth’s interest in Nepal. It shows that there is no expectation on youth to stay in country, to do something and also to take initiative. The stagflation is the major problem in Nepal.
Entrepreneurship Education and Economic Growth: A Case of Nepal

Suman Neupane, Assistant Director, Nepal Rastra Bank

Free market economic system is advocated as the best system for the economic development of any country. Except the case of 1930’s and current financial crisis, the system worked for hundreds of years. A historical evidence of liberal economies has proved that high economic growth, which is the goal of any economic policy, can be achieved only through free market system. Thus, most of the countries, including Nepal, have followed the liberalization policy since mid 1980s.


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