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Request for Partnership

May 8, 2015 (Pokhara, Kaski). Alternatives Nepal is planning for providing 2 year Bikalpa Fellowship for youths from earthquake affected VDCs of Gorkha and Lamjung districts for employment and entrepreneurship possibilities for their future.

Alternatives Nepal under its Bikalpa Fellowship will select earthquake victim SLC graduates from selected districts to explore possibilities for their future. Fellows will receive scholarship as well as different training for next two years to develop their professional skills. The ultimate focus of Bikalpa Fellowship is to develop these youths with professional skills for employment and motivated toward enterprise creation, which ultimately help to overcome from this natural calamities and make their own  prospects themselves.

If you are interested in supporting the fellowship program, please contact, Samundra Paudel;  9856028540, as soon as possible. We will provide details on email as per your request. 

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Application Open for GL Fellowship 2013

Gaky's Light Fellowship 2013 Application Open !!!


  • Get a professional job in your field of study.
  • Create jobs and new opportunities for yourself and others.
  • Learn how to be a change-maker in society.
  • Think bigger!  Find possibilities everywhere.

What is the Gaky's Light Fellowship?

  • A 90% scholarship for Intermediate Education.
  • Weekly workshops in English, technology, journalism, career development, and entrepreneurship.
  • An intensive professional mentorship program.
  • A community of passionate, committed Fellows ready to work hard to make an impact on society.

The Fellowship has two goals: 1) Employment (getting a job) and 2) Enterprise creation (creating jobs). Each Fellow is paired with a mentor, completes an internship, and works in a team to create a new business or enterprise.

Who can apply?

  •  Candidates have passed the SLC exam or will take it in 2013, to start Intermediate study in July 2013.
  • To be considered for a Fellowship, candidates must demonstrate:

Financial need – inability or severe strain to cover cost of Intermediate Education
Contextual need – little or no education in the family; limited access to guidance

What are my responsibilities?

  • Meet at the GL study center in Pokhara every Saturday.
  • 10% of school expenses (details below).
  • A summer internship between two years of Intermediate school.
  • Minimum two years in Nepal after the end of the Fellowship.

What financial aid is provided?

                                                   Gaky's Light                                                     Student

School Scholarship• 90% of all school fees• 10% of all school fees, up to Rs. 10,000• Security Deposit
Dress• Two sets each year• None 
Books• 100% of basic (standard) books• Notebooks, pens, extra primers, etc. 
Rent• GL group housing free rent • 100% Rent if not in group housing
Food & Transportation• Group housing: Monthly stipend Rs. 2000• Living at home: Monthly Rs. 500• Additional food and transportation expenses (Not including weekly meeting travel costs)
Tuition classes • None• 100% of Tuition classes

Additional Training and Special Project Grants

 Gaky's Light students have the option of applying for funding for additional courses and training programs, beyond those provided in the GL curriculum.  These might include in-depth technology workshops, arts classes, leadership conferences, etc.

Students may also design and apply for grants for well-designed, creative independent projects.  Special Projects may range from an exhibit, to a technological design, to development of an online platform or program, to seed funding for a viable business plan.

How do I apply?

 Preliminary applications are due by 5pm on April 12, 2013 (Chaitra 30, 2069)Late and incomplete applications will not be accepted.
1. Applications can be picked up at a Site Partner, or the Alternatives Office (Big FM building, New Road, Pokhara), or download from
2.  Return your completed application to a site partner or Alternatives by 5pm on April 12, or email your application to

A Written Exam
will be given to selected candidates in May (Baishak) 2013. Candidates will be notified by phone.

will be conducted in Late May and June (Jestha) 2013.

will be announced at the end of June (Asar) 2013.


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One Day On Earth
Alternatives Nepal is going to celebrate Earth Day 2012 on April 22 with a documentary show in Pokhara. The documentary is "One Day On Earth" which is a media creation event occurred on 10-10-10 over a 24 hour period. The detail of the documentary screening all over the world please visit the link Detail of the program: Date: April 22, 2012 Time: 8 AM Sharp Venue: Shree Krishna Cinema Hall, Pokhara

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Application for Scholarship-2012
छात्रवृत्ति आबेदन - २०१२

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Scholarship For +2 Students in Pokhara

September 10, 2011 (Pokhara, Kaski) The joint initiation program of Alternatives and Eva Nepal called Gaky’s Light (GL) scholarship program has been lunched today in Pokhara. Mr. Samundra Paudel, President of Alternatives and Ms. Laura Spero, Nepal coordinator of Eva Nepal sign the agreement paper in the Alternatives office. This program has been run by Eva Nepal jointly with different organization since 2006. Under GL program, 8 students are getting scholarship studying in different colleges and the program aim to expand this scholarship to more than 20 students this year.

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After College (First Episode 2011)

After College (Entrepreneurship Training for College Students)

Since 2009, Alternatives Nepal regularly conducting  After College, under its youth entrepreneurship development program. Alternatives is going to start its new episode of After College, an initiative to motivate college students and youths towards enterprise development as a viable career option, in different colleges and universities in 2011 as a scheduled program. The first episode of After College for this year has been scheduled for January 25-27 in Pokhara.
To participate in the training, contact Alternatives and  register within January 23, 2011. 

Eligibility: Bachelor Level College Students

Registration Fee: NRs.  499/- (Scholarship Available)

Nepal Tourism Year 2011

Nepal Government has announced "Nepal Tourism Year 2011" to bring into at least one million international tourists in Nepal by the year 2011 and spread the benefits of tourism to the people at large.the government is placing high priority on the tourism sector in its new economic development policy. As there is a favorable political situation in the country, the government is all geared towards economic revolution in next 10 years for the up-liftment of the masses.

The natural scenery, high mountains, incomparable cultural heritage and numerous specialties have made Nepal a well-known destination in the world tourism map with a distinct image of its own. However, the development of tourism is limited in number and within the certain areas of the country only. The new government has shown greater concerns about the real value of tourism and its role in contributing to economic growth, poverty alleviation, equity and overall tourism development in the country.

With the glittering badge of adventure destination and the adage “Atithi Devo Bhava” (Guests are Gods) that reflects “Atithi Satkar, Nepaliko Sanskar” (Hospitality is Nepalese culture) deeply rooted in our culture, the tourism products of Nepal never cease to mesmerize the visitors. The cultural, geographical, ethnic and bio-diversities of the country allure international visitors to Nepal time and again which truly substantiates the spirit of Nepal tourism brand; ‘Naturally Nepal, once is not enough !

The concept of Nepal Tourism Year 2011 envisions harnessing these opportunities and strengths and bringing together the commitment of the government, expertise and experiences of the organizations like Nepal Tourism Board, aptitude and dynamism of the private sector and communities for further tourism development in the country. Active involvement of the major political parties, members of the Constitution Assembly and Right groups is always taken into consideration in order to make the campaign inclusive and participatory in modus operandi and effective in result. The campaign will also focus on mobilizing the networks of the Non-Resident Nepalis (NRN) communities, Nepalese diplomatic missions abroad, I/NGOs, airlines, and national and international media. Similarly, friends and well-wishers of Nepal, tourism academicians and celebrities will also be approached in order to highlight the campaign internally as well as internationally. This is also called Visit Nepal Year 2011.

Alternatives Nepal are hurry to welcome all our well-wisher,friends, international partner organization in Nepal Tourism Year 2011.

For more: 

Global Entrepreneurship Week 2010

Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW) is an international initiative that introduces entrepreneurship to young people in six continents. GEW emerged in 2008 as a result of Enterprise UK and Entrepreneurship Week USA 2007. Since its creation, more than 10 million people from 102 countries have participated in entrepreneurial-related activities during the Week.

This annual event occurs over the span of one week and includes the participation of entrepreneurial experts, policy-makers, education practitioners and politicians. Last year 88 countries hosted Global Entrepreneurship Week and generated over 32,000 activities. This year, the Week falls from November 15-21, 2010

In Nepal, Alternatives is celebrating this week since 2008 with various program and inspiring young people for entrepreneurship.

For detail:

Uddhyam Sikchya Abhiyaan (School Entrepreneurship Program)

A country’s future hinges in its children and youth. The key to the development of children and their future livelihoods is based on education. It is important to stress that school education is a platform of learning. Children who go to schools have a right to get good education.

The Uddhyam Sikchya Abhiyaan is initiated by local youth organization Alternatives which strongly believes that youth are the engine of entrepreneurship development. Basically, this program is a youth and school partnership program for promoting youth entrepreneurship culture in local schools amongst Pokhara. The program is based on strengthening the school students of  grade 8 to 10 grades in entrepreneurial skills that will enable them to develop and operate an enterprise in their own school and community. Students are then given the opportunity to start their venture using the skills they learned while being guided and monitored through the process.

The program will play an active role in encouraging projects aimed at transferring knowledge, creating awareness of opportunities and available assistance and support to young people where their entrepreneurial needs are concerned. The program acts as a youth-focused conduit of information, products and services generated by other youth organizations including local entrepreneurs.

The campaign encourages young people to enable the development and sustainability of youth owned enterprises in their home, school and community. The campaign also supports school's students to know about the local community and resources which can be great supportive for beginning entrepreneurship.

Why are we initiating Uddhyam Sikchya Abhiyaan (School Entrepreneurship Program?

In a world where ideas drive economies, it is no wonder that innovation and entrepreneurship are often seen as the same parts of the same coin. The governments around the world are starting to realize that in order to sustain progress and improve a country’s economy. The young people have to be encouraged and trained to think out-of-the-box and be dynamic.

In response to this inevitable change, Alternatives…….finding new possibilities is rethinking the way the young are educated by infusing creative thinking and innovation in our nation’s educational curriculum. The school performance is often poor and they may drop out of school early. In the same vein, we are putting much emphasis on the need to train future entrepreneurs through infusing entrepreneurship components within the educational system at the school level. With this change in mindset and the relative knowledge that entrepreneurs bring forth increased job creations, the awareness and academic studies of entrepreneurship have also heightened.

We hope that the campaign will be helpful tool who wish to start or improve school education with the aim of helping school children to grow in both mind and body. The campaign will assist school teachers, parents and communities. It draws on experiences and real best practices of successful entrepreneurs/role models for running entrepreneurial education all over the Nepal.

Program Participants and Beneficiaries:

The main participants of this campaign will be school students of grade 8, 9 and 10 from the local schools of Pokhara and periphery. The campaign expects to enroll more than 500 students of 10 local schools of Kaski district. Together, students, teachers, their families and staff create and maintain a close community through meetings, interactions, performances, classes, enterprises and community services.

Help Rural Youth with Dignity to Fight Extreme Poverty

Youth unemployment has been seen as the biggest problem in Nepal. About 31% of total population in Nepal is living below the poverty line. 24% of total population is living with less than $1 per day and youth with high unemployment. Around 47% of the economically active total population is out of work, and 65% of this unemployed population is youth.

Government efforts to reiterate the youth unemployment problems by creating hob opportunities through planned programs both in the private and public sector have not proved fruitful. Many conflict related studies have found that exclusion of youth engagement in economic activities is one of serious reason behind emerging the 12 years long armed conflict in Nepal. In this current post conflict situation, youth unemployment is serious concern of government as well as NGOs, financial institutions, micro-finance companies.

Most of the rural youths are not having access to financial and non financial services for enterprise development and employment creation. It was felt that a separate apex organization should be created to play a lead role for promotion and development of youth micro finance. There has to be significant effort to reverse the present trend of rural areas by reaching to the poorest young people with more information, skills and resources and bring them into the center of rural economic development.

About Sarbodaya Fund:
Sarbodaya Fund is a Rural Youth Poverty Alleviation Fund established by Alternatives. As a Rural Youth Poverty Alleviation Fund, it enables rural youth to access to the capital that they need to develop or expand their group business in their local area. It believes that rural youth micro business creation is the only way for rural youth to escape poverty and build a better future for their generation. So it has also taken the strategy to support the idea that rural young people should themselves be organized to prepare, implement and manage their economic development program and they could be the engine of economic development to alleviate the extreme rural poverty.

Sarbodaya Fund was initiated with a small fund raising program as RS. 1 Per Day for rural youth poverty alleviation by Alternatives. Since 2009, Sarbodaya Fund has been conducting rural youth micro-finance program. It provides financial and non-financial services for youths to conduct different businesses like retail stores, handicrafts, agriculture and livestock.

Sarbodaya Fund motivates rural youth to form micro entrepreneur’s group as a Rural Youth Entrepreneurship Development Centre (RYEDC) of their own and provide financial and non financial services to start their local level enterprises. Fund also encourages regular saving in them to capitalize their small savings for the future investment as means of rural youth saving and credit cooperatives.

Reduction of youth unemployment and poverty in rural areas of Nepal through quality and youth friendly micro finance program.

Micro Finance for the second generation

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Alternatives Nepal is planning 2 year Bikalpa Fellowship for youths from earthquake affected districts for employment and entrepreneurship possibilities for their future. If you are interested in supporting the fellowship program, please contact, Samundra Paudel;  9856028540, 

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