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This week there was news in the national newspaper on youth. When I heard it I was shocked. It is because about 42,000 youth people went to abroad for employment in last two month. The data shows that foreign employment in youth of Nepal is increasing every year. The political instability and the dirty game played by politician are the major cause that decreasing youth’s interest in Nepal. It shows that there is no expectation on youth to stay in country, to do something and also to take initiative. The stagflation is the major problem in Nepal. The inflation is growing rapidly but the economic growth of Nepal is stag. The unanticipated inflation seen in the present condition of Nepal decreases the purchasing power of people in Nepal. The result increases the abroad employment and it decreases the educated people in the country. The causes of increase in the foreign employment in youth are basically political instability, unemployment, strike and banda, labor politics in private organization, inflation, low economic growth and unfavorable environment for investment. Recently the government of Nepal announced for Self Employment Program for youth of Nepal. It is one of the greatest and first programs of government of Nepal for the development of youth. It is basically self employment through micro business in all over the country. The program will provide entrepreneurship training to youth, business plan development and also provide seed fund of Rs. 200,000 to potential youth without collateral. On the same time Korean language test was taken in Kathmandu. Thousands of youth attend the test; about 12000 youth passed the test and ready to go to Korea. The monthly income of the Korea job is about Rs 75,000. So because of Korean employment offered the Self Employment Program for youth by government of Nepal is in shadow. The positive aspect of foreign employment will increase the remittance in Nepal and its contribution is more in GDP of country. But the remittance is the stable aspect for the economy. The use of remittance in the productive sector will make the productive meaning. In conclusion the increasing trend of foreign employment on youth will decrease the educated people in economy whereas the increasing remittance and its proper management will also show the positive aspect of foreign employment.
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