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Earthquake In Nepal: Confusion on Students Future

Anju Chaudhary,  Gaky's Light Fellow 

On April 25, 2015, Nepal faced heavy Earthquake of 7.6 rector scale around 11:56 AM. Earthquake's epicenter was in Gorkha district and damaged most of the infrastructure and lives of central Nepal. In that meantime we are studying in our workshop of Gaky's  Light Fellowship which is located in Newroad, Pokhara. The situation was very terrible and made us hopeless. All peoples are crying and coming outside from their homes in search of free space to escape from their own buildings.

This earthquake destroyed infrastructure in capital Kathmandu and others 19 districts and their villages.  Facts and figures about death, injuries, house destroyed, people missing etc. coming and updating day by day by different media.  But hidden side of education sectors damaged by this earthquake is not reported which is really terrible for all.

About 10,500 school premises are destroyed by the earthquake. As earthquake happened on Saturday, so many students survived as their schools are closed as weekly holiday. But many students died in their own home.

We are Gaky's Light Fellows who are studying 12th grade in Pokhara and preparing for nationwide board exams to be started from May 3, 2015. After this sudden incident, our board exam is cancelled. For this nationwide exam, before earthquake hits Nepal, about 0.4 million students are preparing. After this, we don't know when our examination will be started.

Not only our exam, grade 11 exam also cancelled on which about 0.5 million people are appearing nationwide which is going to started from May 17, 2015. Exams of big universities, colleges and academic sessions of schools in Nepal are also affected by this terrible incident. About 8 lakhs students and people staying in Kathmandu left this city within the 4 days of the incident for their immediate rescue. 

Government has decided to close all schools till May 17, but we don't know is they are going to open after that or not? We can't be optimistic due to most of the higher secondary schools building which are about 50 years old are completely destroyed and can't be rebuild within next few days. It may take whole year to construct. 

Each year, academic session of schools (from kindergarden to grade 10) starts from April in Nepal. But we don't know from when academic sessions will be started this year.

Lots of rumors come about earthquake and other different epidemics in this days. I heard that this academic year will be lost for all as government is not able to do examinations this year due to infrastructure. Due to this type of rumors and terror of earthquake, we are also not psychologically ready to give exams too within next few weeks.

Most of the private sectors (not only education sectors) are closed in Kathmandu and other different districts. Government is just in relief program for earthquake victims. 

So, we are in confusion and puzzle to hear new rumors about exams, earthquakes and many more things on these days. Our only one wish is to wish our government to recover all things within next few weeks and give chance to students to see their bright future holding their examinations, start academic year as soon as possible.

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