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Celebrating Dashain in a different way

October 22, 2010 (Lekhnath, Kaski). There are different ways of celebrating dashain. Some celebrate dashain by going in a long journey, some enjoy it just by playing cards, some enjoy it only with family members and relatives and for most people Dashain is over once they receive tika and blessings from their family members and relatives.

But for some youths from Pokhara, Dashain is more than that. For them Dashain is not over until and unless they visit a special place in Pokhara. This special place is Bridhaashram (elderly home) of Pokhara and share entrepreneurial activities of old people in their productive age.Young people interact with senior citizen of Old Aged Home and also commit to implement their experience and knowledge in upcoming days. 

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Annual Planning and Capacity Building Training in Lwang, Kaski

October 11, 2010 (Lwang, Kaski). Alternatives conducted its Annual Planning and Capacity Building Workshop in Lwang-Ghalel VDC, Kaski on 9-11 October 2010. The objectives of the workshop were to prepare annual plan for this Fiscal Year 2010/11 and build capacity of executives and staffs to implement annual plan within its strategic framework.

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Entrepreneurship Training Coordinating with Eva Nepal

September 18, 2010 (Pokhara, Kaski). Alternatives organized one day Entrepreneurship Training for the students of Eva Nepal. Eva Nepal is a US based social organization with vision to develop a system to prepare youths toward globally prepared and enterprising professionals. Currently, it is providing scholarship for higher education, guidance counseling, vocational trainings, entrepreneurship, and social action opportunities for first-generation literate youth in Kaski, Nepal.

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School Entreprenuership Program in Pargati Boarding School

September 1, 2010 (Pokhara, Kaski) The joint initiation program of Alternatives and Nepal Young Entrepreneur Forum (NYEF), Pokhara, called School Entrepreneurship Program (SEP) was organized in the Pragati English Boarding School situated in the Batulechour, Pokhara.37 selected students of the school were participant in the program. The main objectives of the SEP to identify, select, train, develop and motivate first generation potential entrepreneur for establishing their own venture.

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